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Why establish Frontrunners Sport?

In this website, you will find information about a new possibility for young deaf people with a special interest in sports. Frontrunners Sport is aimed both at elite athletes, people with a more general interest in sports and the more organizational types, who  are keen on planning and running big sports events.


Castberggård have taken initiative to start Frontrunners Sport because of a general interest from our excisting Frontrunners students. Furthermore, we have excellent sport facilities, both indoor and outdoor, and a qualified staff. Among them are several Deaflympics participants and medalists. 


During Frontrunners Sport, the students will try out different types of sports. Furthermore, they will be taught how to create sport events, and they will be responsible for those events – both when it comes to planning, networking, marketing and running the event.


Frontrunners Sport will be a part of Frontrunners – our international leadership training programme for young deaf people. Frontrunners started in 2004 and have been running every year since. So far, we have educated young people from 35 different countries.


We are working with Danish Deaf Sports Federation (DDI) about establishing and running Frontrunners Sport. We are very familiar with them as we are already co-operating when it comes to sport events at Castberggård where we hold indoor football, volleyball and badminton events and arrange ski trips.


Enjoy the website

The Frontrunners Sport Team


Im a sport freak and want to participate into Frontrunners Sport.

— Matthias Guldberg —


Frontrunners Sport runs during a course of nine months from September to June. 

It is divided into three modules:



Module 1:

Practice and theory (September – December)

Different sport disciplines will be practiced, both indoor and outdoor during module 1. To every sport discipline there will be some theoretical lessons. The theory lessons will be devided into two parts:

1. Sportrelated theory such as coaching, psychology, diet and more.

2. Other theory leadership, communication, deaf studies and media.


Module 2:

Internship (December – February)

Module 2 is an internship period. It builds on individual needs from the participant. There are many different options. It can eg. be an internship at the national deaf sport organisation or in another country. It can be in a sport related project in cooperation with the sport organisation. It can be as a volunteer in events and/or in training sessions.


Module 3:

Practice and theory (February – June)

Experiences from module 2 will be reviewed and discussed.

In module 3 practice and theory will be continued. One week of skiing will be included


Study trips

In the period of Frontrunners Sport two study trips will be included. In autumn the first study trip will be held as a hiking tour, a mountainbike tour or an intensive training week at a sportscenter. During module 3 in the spring a study trip will be a week at a ski resort.

Sport disciplines

Sport disciplines:


Football, handball, badminton, volleyball, fitness, basketball, hockey, swimming, wall climbing, gymnastics, warm-up and cool-down exercises.


Football, mountainbiking, cycling road, orienteering, running, hiking, triathlon, kayaking, canoeing, wind surfing, alpin skiing/snowboarding, beachvolley, survival trips.


Coaching, dietary guiding, sport psychology, event arrangement, leadership, organisation, communication, deaf studies, media, sport technology (pulse watch)



Team spirit

At every level, including the very highest, sport should be an opportunity to teach the virtues of endeavour, courage, teamspirit and respect for others


We support Frontrunners Sport.

— Danish Deaf Sport Federation —


Link to pdf-file: Sport-linie skema

The schedule above is an example of a typical week at Frontrunners Sport. In addition to this, there will be 5-6 intensive sport weeks where students practice kayaking, climbing, MTB cycling and Cross FIT training for 5 days at a time. The purpose of these intensicve sport sessions is to give the participants skills to act as instructors. In addition to these intensive weeks we will also have two annual study trips: for example a training camp in Spain in autumn and skiing in Austria in winter.


 * As a participant in Frontrunners Sport you are lodging in 2 persons room with a bath room. All students live in houses at Castberggård.


* All meals are served by the school. There are different facilities, for sport, workshops, IT-facilities, and they are all free for use.


* At Castberggård all our facilities are at your disposal. We have a gym, a sports hall, a climbing wall and beautiful surroundings with nature trails.


*At Castberggård we have our own mountainbikes, kayaks and climbing equipment.


* The period of Frontrunners Sport is parallel to Frontrunners, and the advantage will be more young people to involve in social activities in the leisure time in evenings and weekends. 


* There are continuous other participants form other courses in different weeks, and everyone are welcome to have a contact with
each other.


* Free wifi

Do not train harder. Train smarter.

— Unknown —

The facilities

This video is captured and edited by the students from our Navigator-team.

It shows different facilities of our school. Frontrunners Sport have their home here:


We open for registrations now.

Link to the application form: 

After receiving the application we will contact you for an interview. We want to know a little more about you and your aims. In the interview you can ask us about everything related to the Frontrunners Sport.

The application period will run untill May 2018.


The period of the Frontrunners Sport

September 2018 – June 2019.


Castberggård, Denmark

Who can participate

Deaf People aged above 18 years. We expect partipicants to be in good shape.

Financial information

73.000 DKK equal to 9800 Euro (board and lodging included)


International Signs

The most important is the team spirit!.

— Søren, Frontrunners Sport Teacher —

Contact us

We’d really like to get a message from you so why not drop us an email

and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.



Søren Toura-Jensen                                           Ole Vestergaard                                              Solveig Højgaard

Frontrunners Sport coordinator                      Frontrunners Sport coordinator                      Head of the Folk High School

sj@cbg.dk                                                            ov@cbg.dk                                                            sh@cbg.dk

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